Camera Infinita – A Distance between the World and Home


5 – 19 August
Monday to Friday 1pm – 4pm.

The exhibition suggests an analogy between a camera, and the human black box of eye, body and mind. A camera is a mysterious object, endowed with an air of self-containment and introversion. Its internal images, obscurely captured from rays of light, remain invisible until they are developed externally – perhaps losing, perhaps gaining in the process.

The capacity to capture, process and store infinite numbers of visual impressions makes the human “camera” both the producer and container of expansive realms of imagination. But by collecting and inhabiting worlds of internal images without speaking through them, one remains locked inside the camera – the “small chamber” – of the individual mind.

Camera Infinita – A Distance between the World and Home engages with the challenge of communicating internal images to an outside world. The translation process occurs within the undefined distance between external and internal spaces, between the other and the self.

The contributors to this group exhibition are young artists from Japan and Europe. Their works explore the inhabitation and expansion of internal spaces, sensory limitations, spatial confinement, miniaturisation and architectural manipulation, visual and non-visual translation, and travel as contextual displacement. Works include drawings, prints, photographs, videos and small objects.

The project, organised by artist Julia Martin, has received support from The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation and Edinburgh College of Art. Following its pilot exhibition at Art Institute Shibukawa, the exhibition in tent gallery includes new works responding to a journey through Japan in June/July 2009.


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