Archive Fever & Barbara Bloom


Rice, Shelley., ‘Archive Fever & Barbara Bloom’, Aperture, 192 (Fall 2008), 10-11


[Rice asks] ‘Why the current fetish for archives?’

[Rice] ‘began to see what our new digital, archival practice is: a never-ending stream of information, rarely coalescing into meaning.’

‘Why has archive fever resurfaced today? Perhaps because globalization, economic and political changes, new technologies, and rapidly shifting demographics and geographies are highlighting our impotence, our inability to mentally map, let alone control the world.’ [likening to British Empire obsession with collecting and organising]

‘Systems of classification, organisation and reliable memory retrieval preoccupy us at this moment when all of the above feel like endangered species in this postcolonial world.’


[On The Collections of Barbara Bloom exhibition] It’s all here, the foibles and fanaticism of our need to hold on, to memorialize, to create lasting values – although […] values ebb and flow as they lose their moorings in a life context and move on into a global marketplace.

The Collections of Barbara Bloom

The Collections of Barbara Bloom

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