Gene Laughter


“Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina was a quaint seaside village when I shot this image. Old weathered houses dotted the shoreline and dunes. They had made it through many nor’easters and hurricanes. There was usually a rocking chair or two on the porch and windows were left open so the sea breezes would keep folks comfortable. You would see an old rusty jeep or pickup truck parked in the yard.
All of this has now changed. Most of the old cedar homes are gone. In their places are huge mansions with swimming pools and decoratior interiors. BMW’s grace the driveways. It’s a new world. Progress they call it.
I’m so glad I shot this picture of one of the houses at old Nags Head. The bromoil process fits the feel of this image perfectly, I feel. This bromoil was brush inked on Agfa MCC 118 paper and pastry brushes were used. I layered on the colors – applying a thin layer of a color each day and allowing the color to dry overnight before applying the next color. This allows each color to “set” and keeps the colors from blending and mixing, causing them to be less brilliant.” (Gene Laughter, August 2006)

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