Julian Walker



From his website: http://walkerjulian.tripod.com/id34.html

Most of my work is site-specific; where it is not, it is strongly referencing an idea or set of ideas. In this sense it is reactive, exploring how I can understand specific bits of the world, or exploring how other people have done so. Hence my interest in museums, collections and the preserved object. Working with objects, collections, sites or ideas like the body as time-based object, involves a fairly large amount of research, which I have always found rewarding.

I have maintained a critical engagement with these subjects; sometimes this has not always been immediately welcome. Asking to sleep in a museum under the gaze of CCTV, or to put a museum item in your mouth, or to cover a museum wall with reject items and fakes, these can pose a challenge to curators; negotiation and a commitment to thorough research and preparation, plus engagement with staff and public, have brought all these projects to realization.

Repeatedly familiar themes emerge from the practice and the works: control and power, possession and engagement, desire and fear, object and language, art object as object. What does naming things do? How do we control the past? What does ownership allow? What stories do I want an object to tell me? Does my work test the subject or test my response to it?