Joachim Schmid – Interview


In this interview with Joachim Schmid by Lens Culture, he suggests that he remembers events and places he has travelled, through the photographs he finds in those places.

The project has a personal level as well […] its also my personal diary, I usually travel without a camera… so I don’t take any travel snapshots. When I look at the photographs I find I can reconstruct my own travelling through other peoples photographs, because I remember in which situation I found them.

I have a photograph I found on the day I had my heart attack. I have a photograph I found on the day of my mother’s funeral. And many others!

Of course its a completely random connection, but all of a sudden the found object is loaded with another meaning that was never intended when the photograph was being taken.


2 Responses to “Joachim Schmid – Interview”

  1. 1 Ed

    Hello out there.
    Thanks for this wonderful treasure trove of critical articles on photography. As someone who is recovering from the consumerist trap that others call a photographic hobby, I am very happy to read these posts. The questions provoked by these posts somehow make me hope I will take photos that are more meaningful, to me at least.
    Best regards,

  2. 2 Rowan Lear

    Dear Ed, thank you very much for reading! Please stay in touch, I’d love to know what photographs you will make in the future – I’m still waiting for my inspiration to pick up a camera again… after a year out I will be returning to a period of study from September onwards so expect the number of articles to increase exponentially! Best, Rowan

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