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See film here: Kodak  2006 Single screen projection, 16mm colour film with audio track duration: 44min installation Tacita Dean and digital: Having worked with film as her principal medium since the early 1990s, Dean feels passionately about the end of analogue film production as for her, the digital technology which is supplanting it: just […]

Tacita Dean


John Fleischman and Robert Kunzig Discover From the February 2002 issue, published online February 1, 2002 Weblink: In 1847 one of the first daguerreotypes of an operation wowed viewers with its realism. A century and a half later, a new generation of holograms by optical engineer Yves Gentet—such as this one of a New […]

Kevin Dingman


  Through the medium of photography I explore the emotions generated by abandoned, turn-of–the-century barns of the Midwest. These structures in most cases have outlived their usefulness in modern farming. Most are allowed to decay and return to the earth they occupied for so many years. Others have been rescued as monuments to the past, […]

Gene Laughter


“Nags Head on the Outer Banks of North Carolina was a quaint seaside village when I shot this image. Old weathered houses dotted the shoreline and dunes. They had made it through many nor’easters and hurricanes. There was usually a rocking chair or two on the porch and windows were left open so the sea […]

The Soldier Portraits Project is a work in progress. The project consists of portrait photographs of soldiers of the United States Army, primarily of the 3rd Infantry Division. Until recently, the focus has been on the 3rd Infantry Division for its particularly active role in present day military events. The project is now open to […]

Harry Nankin


Night Air   The Rain is a body of work that resides as much in our imagination as it exists as an artwork. The works present us with an unfamiliar view of a fragile rainforest ecosystem – as indexed in the night air, in leaf fall and precipitation amidst the scaffolding of wind, earth, branches […]

Hellena Cleary


  Hellena thinks of herself as a disciple and pupil of Peter Fredrick, the inventor of the Temperaprint process. She retired from a life of commercial photography and was lucky enough to be able to pursue an interest in alternative photography and had the time to explore the various ways of how alternative photography can […]

‘In Defence of Alternative Processes’ by Mike Ware A polemic in response to some ill-considered editorial denigration of these minority practices. The Medium It is a truism that the manufacturers of photographic materials provide contemporary photographers with a narrower choice of monochrome printing papers today than they offered our counterparts in the past. Transferring the […]

Hamish Stewart


Hamish Stewart has been making photographs since the early 1980s. He began researching 19th century photographic processes during graduate studies in the mid 1980s. Although he experimented with a variety of historical photo-processes he chose to concentrate on gum bichromate. It offered a means to explore colour, but also provided a printmaking aesthetic most removed […]

Geoff Chaplin


Discontented with the trend towards digital imaging and infinitely repeatable ‘perfection’ he began seeking an alternative printing process – something which had a character and life of its own, and something which preferably was not repeatable. “Gum printing” turned out to be the process he was seeking. Dating from the very early days of photography […]

[Photography’s Antiquarian Avant-Garde charts the full-blown rebellion of contemporary photographers against the advent of digital photography and their reversion to photographic methods used in the nineteenth century. These photographers seek to reengage the physical facts of photography, its material and processes, by turning to the history of photography for metaphors, technical information, and visual inspiration. […]

This website is the virtual world of the exhibition Lost & Found: Rediscovering Early Photographic Processes held in the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California. Curated by four graduate students in the Art History department at USC, the exhibition is open from March 7 through April 21, 2001. Lost & Found presents the […]