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Tactile Looking


Olin, Margaret. ‘Tactile Looking’ Touching Photographs (London: University of Chicago Press, 2012) 1-21 p.1 Photographs are visible, but photography is not only a “visual” practice. p.2 There is a tension between looking and touching; the two activities seem to alternate like a blinking eye, as though we cannot do both at the same time. Many of us […]

Olin, Margaret., ‘Touching Photographs: Roland Barthes’s “Mistaken” Identification’ in Photography Degree Zero: Reflections on Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida ed. by Geoffrey Batchen (London: MIT, 2009) 75-89 p.75 A photograph enjoys an unusually close relationship to its referent, acording to a widespread theory about the nature of photography. As this theory would have it, the key […]