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Rice, Shelley., ‘Archive Fever & Barbara Bloom’, Aperture, 192 (Fall 2008), 10-11 p.10 [Rice asks] ‘Why the current fetish for archives?’ [Rice] ‘began to see what our new digital, archival practice is: a never-ending stream of information, rarely coalescing into meaning.’ ‘Why has archive fever resurfaced today? Perhaps because globalization, economic and political changes, new […]

Ulrich Baer ‘Deep in the Archive’, Aperture, 193 (Winter 2008), 54–59 p.54 ‘In the silence of the archive, researchers try and grasp the texture of lives from the remains left here, on this sheet, in this box, on this clean table, and now for their eyes only.’ ‘By definition, archives always collect a bit too […]

Andy Grundberg ‘The Art of the American Snapshot’, Aperture, 190 (Spring 2008), 10–11 [On snapshots:] ‘Once ripped from their family-album contexts they are on the whole anonymous, banal, repetitive, trite.’ ‘So much for progressivism: the snapshot was born beautiful […] only to grow into a hyperactive but physically unremarkable adulthood. Perhaps it was the mass-media’s […]

David Levi Strauss ‘Click here to disappear: Some thoughts on Images and Democracy’, Aperture, 190 (Spring 2008), 20 ‘To regain our liberty (and our distance), we must slow the images down.’ ‘Images online are both more ephemeral (in form) and substantial (in number) than ever. We spend more time collecting and sorting images, but less […]