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Centre for Fine Art Research CFAR – BCU via What is a Photograph? Part Three – YouTube. Includes discussion of Laruelle’s “Non-photography”.

Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory There is an experiencing self, who lives in the present and knows the present. And then there is a remembering self. And the remembering self is the one that keeps score and maintains the story of our life […] Those are two very different entities: the experiencing self and […]

View video here: At the EG conference in December 2007, artist Jonathan Harris discusses his latest projects, which involve collecting stories: his own, strangers’, and stories collected from the Internet, including his amazing “We Feel Fine.” Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Harris‘ work celebrates the world’s diversity even as it illustrates the universal concerns of its occupants. […]

Interviews with Nicky Bird about her Hidden Place series: Nicky Bird Interview Part 1 Nicky Bird Interview Part 2