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Now that we’ve done all that stuff that you can see in history-of-photography books, now that we’ve become obsessed with re-creating that past over and over again – how can we turn around, to look at and move into the future? via Conscientious Extended | Photography After Photography? (A Provocation).

Flusser, Vilém. ‘The Gesture of Writing’ 1991 Accessible online here. p.1 To write means, of course, to perform an action by which a material, (for instance chalk, or ink), is put on a surface, (for instance a blackboard or a leaf of paper), to form a specific pattern, (for instance letters). And the tools used […]

The brilliant James Elkins posts his lecture slides on his website. Here’s what looks like his notes prior to What Photography Is, a book I’m waiting anxiously to come into my University library. There’s lots more writing and notes and ideas to be had on his website:

View video here: At the EG conference in December 2007, artist Jonathan Harris discusses his latest projects, which involve collecting stories: his own, strangers’, and stories collected from the Internet, including his amazing “We Feel Fine.” Brooklyn-based artist Jonathan Harris‘ work celebrates the world’s diversity even as it illustrates the universal concerns of its occupants. […]

Interviews with Nicky Bird about her Hidden Place series: Nicky Bird Interview Part 1 Nicky Bird Interview Part 2

Blog website that attempts to reunite owners and their photographs

This website is the virtual world of the exhibition Lost & Found: Rediscovering Early Photographic Processes held in the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California. Curated by four graduate students in the Art History department at USC, the exhibition is open from March 7 through April 21, 2001. Lost & Found presents the […]

Interactive dissertation project site. Contains audio, links and articles concerning lost and found vernacular photographs. Has lots of brilliant stories and recordings of people talking about their photographs.