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This website is the virtual world of the exhibition Lost & Found: Rediscovering Early Photographic Processes held in the Fisher Gallery at the University of Southern California. Curated by four graduate students in the Art History department at USC, the exhibition is open from March 7 through April 21, 2001. Lost & Found presents the […]

Rice, Shelley., ‘Archive Fever & Barbara Bloom’, Aperture, 192 (Fall 2008), 10-11 p.10 [Rice asks] ‘Why the current fetish for archives?’ [Rice] ‘began to see what our new digital, archival practice is: a never-ending stream of information, rarely coalescing into meaning.’ ‘Why has archive fever resurfaced today? Perhaps because globalization, economic and political changes, new […]

5 – 19 August Monday to Friday 1pm – 4pm. The exhibition suggests an analogy between a camera, and the human black box of eye, body and mind. A camera is a mysterious object, endowed with an air of self-containment and introversion. Its internal images, obscurely captured from rays of light, remain invisible until they are […]