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Friday, Jonathan. ‘Stillness Becoming: Reflections on Bazin, Barthes and Photographic Stillness’ Stillness and Time: Photography and the Moving Image ed. by David Green and Joanna Lowry (Brighton: Photoforum; Photoworks, 2006) 39-54 p.39 Long before the invention of cinema, for example, photography was associated with stillness in a way that other pictorial media were not. The […]

David Levi Strauss ‘Click here to disappear: Some thoughts on Images and Democracy’, Aperture, 190 (Spring 2008), 20 ‘To regain our liberty (and our distance), we must slow the images down.’ ‘Images online are both more ephemeral (in form) and substantial (in number) than ever. We spend more time collecting and sorting images, but less […]

The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media Edited by Peter Lunenfeld London: The MIT Press 1999   p.XV In both the analog phone call and the analog photo, there is a proportional, continuously variable relationship between the original and the mediated copy. p.XX Nothing ages faster and becomes inaccessible quicker than electronic media. The […]