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Ulrich Baer ‘Deep in the Archive’, Aperture, 193 (Winter 2008), 54–59 p.54 ‘In the silence of the archive, researchers try and grasp the texture of lives from the remains left here, on this sheet, in this box, on this clean table, and now for their eyes only.’ ‘By definition, archives always collect a bit too […]

Album de la photos de la famille, 1939-1964 One of Boltanski’s earliest works using found photographs. He borrowed boxes of family photographs from a friend, re-photographed around 150, and attempted to reconstruct the family’s history by putting the photographs in order and assigning identities to those who appear in the photographs. This work confirmed Boltanski’s […]

“Photographic Anamnesia: The Past in the Present” Mette Sandbye in Symbolic Imprints: Essays on Photography and Visual Culture, edited by Lars Kiel Bertelson, Rune Gade, and Mette Sandbye, Aaphus University, Oxford, 1999. p.181 [Sandbye disagrees with Sontag’s view that ‘To possess the world in the form of images is, precisely,  to re-experience the unreality and remoteness […]