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McCauley, Anne. ‘Overexposure: Thoughts on the Triumph of Photography’, The Meaning of Photography ed. by Robin Kelsey and Blake Stimson (Williamstown, MA: Sterling and Francine Clark Institute, 2005) 159-162 p.159 [discusses photography’s acceptance into art institutions] p.160 Museums became infotainment for people who wanted to walk rather than sit in front of screens when escaping from their […]

The Trouble with Photography by Anne McCauley pp. 403-430 in Photography Theory, edited by James Elkins, published by Routledge, London, 2007.   p.420 [on the seminar discussion] Rather than trying to prove that “a photograph is x” or “a photograph reveals y” beacuse of the way it is made or its relationship to its referent, […]